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Ankle fractures 7 Pilon fractures 5 Talus fractures 5 Calcaneal fractures 7 Lisfranc injuries 5 Achilles tendon rupture5

General topics

Diabetic foot5 Rheumatoid foot5 Flatfoot (general)5


Ankle instability5 Ankle impingement5 Osteochondral lesions in the ankle5 Osteoarthritis of the ankle5

Hindfoot/midfoot problems

Tarsal joint problems5 Heel pain/ plantar fascitis7 Tarsal tunnel syndrome5 Sinus tarsi syndrome5 Ganglia5

Tendon problems

Adult acquired flatfoot/tibialis posterior tendonopathy7 Peroneal tendon problems5

First ray problems

Hallux rigidus5 Hallux varus5 Sesamoid problems5 Ingrowing toenail5 Subungual exostosis5

Lesser ray problems

Metatarsalgia5 Lesser MTP joint instability5 Interdigital neuralgia/neuroma5 Freiberg's disease5 Bunionette5

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Hallux valgus5 Lesser toe problems5 Fifth metatarsal fractures5 These are pretty good
Pes cavus5 Achilles tendonopathy5 These are a bit more primitive